Often referred to as a vest, our waistcoat for men and women is cut longer than the old styles. It finishes at the hip bone which is much more comfortable and flattering than being cut off at the waist. Say goodbye to shirt tails poking out.

Metal shank buttons in black/gold, black/silver rim have been our trademark since 1992 but plain black is also available.

We avoid polyester blends because they do not allow your body to breathe. We have found they stain easily and retain body odour. Instead, we offer lightweight tropical woolens as well as luxurious 160’s, Merino and wool/cashmere blends for the more discerning. Only the finest Bemberg linings, including an exclusive black Dolce & Gabbana jacquard Bemberg are used for breathe ability.

The QC (Queens Counsel), waistcoat is made from 100% silk douppioni which is extremely light, comfortable and does not wrinkle. Metal shank, silk covered buttons adorn the cuffs, pockets and front closure.

Your firm or personal name will be embroidered inside the waistcoat.